Nude Caning

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Nadine Foxley
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Discipline is strict at Nadine's office. So when a small matter of lying comes to light, Nadine faces the humiliating prospect of a nude thrashing - with a cane! Her boss is the no-nonsense Angela Dickson, an equally attractive blonde who loses no time in wrapping the whippy rattan cane across Nadine's upturned rear. Lying over the end of a padded sofa, Nadine's bottom squirms and bounces as the cane bites into the target. "We had VIP visitors to the set that morning," remembers Nadine. "And the funny thing is they arrived just as I was going to shoot a nude sequence! One of them actually asked if my breasts were real!" For the record, Nadine is 100% natural. She even invited the startled visitor to squeeze a breast to check for himself. He was so embarrassed, he declined!
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