Panties Down Paddling

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Nadine Foxley
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Plaid skirt, white knee socks, blonde hair in pigtails, white shirt and tie, uniform cotton underwear. It's stunning Nadine Foxley in an exciting new schoolgirl photo-story! Assistant principal Miss Dickson has taken her to task: she knows a girl bent on mischief! Her solution is to paddle the errant 18-year-old's bare bottom - hard! Nadine is bent over the desk in the office, skirt lifted, panties pulled right down , to receive her punishment. Stretched out over the top of the principal's desk, Nadine grits her teeth as the stinging leather paddle goes to work on her bare cheeks . Miss Dickson pauses in her duties to instruct Nadine to brace her feet further apart , and to keep still until the punishment is complete - providing further humiliation for poor Nadine.
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