Board On Sheer Panties

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Nadine Foxley
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Stunning blonde senior Nadine looks a picture of innocence in her school uniform of plaid skirt, crisp white shirt, panties and knee socks, maroon blazer and striped tie. But when she faces assistant principal Miss Long, immaculate in a charcoal pants suit and carrying a fearsome wooden paddle , she knows what lies in store! Nadine is instructed to brace her feet apart, bend right down and touch her toes no mean feat as she is wearing big-heeled shoes that are not allowed by the dress code at this strict establishment! The board is measured across the taut white of her panties as Nadine's breathes deep in preparation for the intense burn which is going to be applied to her buttocks . She knows that to move position will displease Miss Long, so she struggles remain touching her toes until the punishment is completed.
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