Bare Bottom Paddling

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Nadine Foxley
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Coach doesnt tolerate any nonsense from her track teamso when Nadine Foxley thinks it would be fun to skip practice, she swiftly pays the penalty. Tight blue shorts are peeled down to reveal that blonde Nadine has chosen not to wear any panties today! Without the benefit of any modesty, she is ordered to spread-eagle over a wooden trestle. Pert bottom at the top of the apex formed by her firm, toned legs, the view of Nadine is an entrancing one as Coachs leather paddle starts to make those buttocks smart. Trembling with anticipation, the unfortunate track athlete braces herself for a severe spanking. At 19, she deserves it! Coach is real picky about the position for corporal punishment. When she judges that Nadines feet are not apart far enough, she instructs the teenager to spread them even wider despite Nadines embarrassment at her lack of underwear! Low-angle shots catch every detail of her humiliation.
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