Bare Sorority Spanking

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Amanda Lewis
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One of the most popular models in our Star Photostories section, Amanda Lewis has always declined the chance to be spanked or paddled on video. But when she was shown the enthusiastic posts on the Members' Forum, praising her figure and her stunningly-shot and revealing photo-stories, she finally agreed to try shooting video - but only with top star Samantha Woodley! "I knew Amanda didn't like corporal punishment, but we had to be realistic in the spankings and swats with the board for these brand new sequences, and I let her have it!" laughs Samantha. "The spankings certainly stung and you can see how red my ass went," says Amanda. "But the board was what I dreaded most, and I thought it would be easier with a female swinging it. Wrong! So I hope Members appreciate what went into giving them what they wanted to see"
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