Bare Bottom Paddling

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Samantha Woodley
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"There's a good reason why everyone dreads the board ," confides Samantha Woodley during a break from shooting her latest video. "It darn well HURTS - and anyone who thinks that we fake things for videos needs to get in line to receive a few swats!" Smoking in the school parking lot has dire consequences, particularly if you're the cheerleader captain and have already been punished! The video is a rare treat, as Samantha is ordered to lift her skirt, drop those pink silk panties and bend over the desk for ten full-on swats from Principal Lyons. He knows how to swing, and the reactions of our bratty beauty show that every swat hits its mark. The instant "bulls-eyes" of the board on the most attractive bottom at Firm Hand is a rare sight, and two swats are replayed in slow-motion closeup to see the truly dramatic effect of a paddling!
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