Topless Sorority Paddling

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Nadine Foxley
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There's something about a college girl in tight blue jeans - especially when it's Nadine Foxley! She clashes with Big Sister at her sorority and is sentenced to swats! Top blonde hottie Nadine is not only in blue jeans (with no pockets for extra protection!) she's also deliciously bare-breasted! Pulled out of her room at the sorority, she is taken for discipline dressed as she is - with no top. Angel has Nadine stretch out and hold the edge of the desk for the first swats, where a creatively placed camera catches the freshman's face as the feels the board in tight-stretched denim. But Big Sis soon has this pretty college brat bent right over holding her ankles, so that she can apply the board to the lowest part of her buttocks, just above her thighs, for maximum stinging power.
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