Nude Strapping

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Anna Svensson
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Tall, bespectacled and arrogant, Anna cannot believe it when she's caught by coach for spiking her energy drink with a little vodka. Coach knows how to deal with this flagrant breach of the rules. Anna is ordered to strip nude and lie flat on the table. Miss Mansbridge pulls down the girl's panties before she is even lying flat, buttocks jutting proudly, ready for her licking. Bare-breasted and bare-bottomed, Anna is totally humiliated. Her request to rub her bottom during the tough strapping with a two-tailed tawse, is turned down without hesitation. And what a licking it is! 26-full-force strokes with a two-tailed leather tawse give Anna's bottom the dose of discipline she deserves, bringing her close to tears.
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