Office Paddling

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Paige Porter
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Sassy and supercilious, Paige Porter knows that to test her boss, Sofia Celli, will put her bottom in danger! After a hand spanking, Paige can't resist a chuckle as she goes back to the office. And it's a chuckle which earns her an additional spanking - but this time with a bottom-burning leather paddle! Starting the punishment on Paige's tight cream pants , Sofia swiftly unzips them to present white cotton panties for a few more swats. The panties are pulled down with no ceremony to bare Paige's magnificent cheeks for a tattoo of flesh-quivering smacks which has Paige yelling. "I didn't realise how much that leather paddle stings ," complained Paige after shooting the video sequence. "I never got spanked like that before, it really burned my ass . When it hit my bare skin I thought she'd heated it up in the oven it was so hot! "
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