Bare Bottom Strapping

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Kaytlin Davis
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Curly red hair tumbling over her shoulders, Kaytlin is slumbering peacefully when her uncle rouses her from bed to confront her about drinking alcohol - and she's not yet 21! Sitting, brazenly (and impressively!) bare-breasted, Kaytlin protests her case. But she knows that the strap is waiting for her already-spanked bottom. This young lady has been in trouble before and knows the penalty for disobedience. She is ordered out of bend, to lie flat across her own bed, with a pillow placed under her hips to raise her bottom to the 'correct position'. "I didn't know there was a correct position," she smarts. The two-tailed leather tawse cracks across the curves of her bare cheeks, making Kaytlin tense her muscles. After only two swats, her uncle is forced to grab a large handful of each buttock to make her relax, before continuing the punishment. But Kaytlin cannot stop herself tensing those full-fleshed buttocks. The sting is too intense. Even after the strapping, Kaytlin has to endure another lecture, sitting embarrassed and topless in front of her uncle!
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