Nude Strapping

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Daphne Rosen
Number of photos: 60
Resolution: 547 x 476
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Big-breasted and bare-bottomed, Daphne is due a good licking with the tawse. She has the figure, she has the face, she has the attitude. And she sure as hell has the breasts and buns all of which you can enjoy in this totally nude strapping! Bent over an aluminium ladder frame, Daphne presents a striking vision as she is strapped with a leather tawse, full across both buttocks. Face grimacing in pain as her buns bounce furiously, Daphne has to jump to her feet twice, such is the ferocity of the leather across her ass. But the punishment continues to be carried out with military precision. The blonde, busty babe struggles to stay in position, grabbing her throbbing buns in an effort to squeeze out the sting. The stills and video capture every ripple of her fleshy rear-end, every teeth-baring reaction to the smarting leather.
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