Cane On Tight Jeans

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Samantha Woodley
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After a blistering series of paddlings, Firm Hand's favorite model gets a taste of British discipline with the springy rattan cane applied twelve times across the seat of her tightly-stretched denim jeans. This video shows us just what a painful implement the cane can be, when applied hard across a perfectly-proportioned behind like Miss Woodley's. "It's a completely different sting to the board," Samantha told us on set. "It's a very sharp, intense sting in a small area, not the solid whack of the wooden paddle which covers far more of my bottom. I was shocked how much it stung through jeans, but I only had little panties on undernath so that made it sting worse. Big mistake in the wardrobe department!" It's a double six-of-the-best for Samantha this week and her reactions tell the full story, as caught on the Firm Hand Reaction Cam
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