Bare Bottom Paddling

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Lisa Bryant
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Lisa Bryant caused a stir when she first arrived at Firm Hand, with plenty of comments on the Members Forum about her attitude. Now, we all know that bad attitude need adjustment. And what better way than with a bare-bottom paddling? Sent to the Principals office for 10 swats, she is bent over the desk and receives five on her panties, plaid skirt lifted. But she omits to count the swats, which means the second five are given panties down. Lisas insolent attitude is clear as she doesnt count off the paddling and mouths off to the administrator, who decides that the only way to get her to count the swats properly is to start over, her already-reddened bottom completely bare. Poor Lisa suffers a total of 20 stinging licks with a leather paddle, setting her buttocks rippling and her skin a deep, fiery red.
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