Punishing Teen Jennifer

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Jennifer Bent Over Laying Down OTK Over The Knee Hair Brush Hand Leather Paddle Large Strap
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Jennifer is punished for stealing money from her Mom. You all met Jennifer on the Punishment Profiles III. She took a pretty good spanking that day indeed. When invited back, she asked if we could address something in her life that has always bothered her. She told us about a time two years ago when she was 17, that over a two month period of time, she stole more then from her Mom's purse. She stated that she has always felt real guilty about this, especially since she was never caught and punished for it. We told her we could give her a spanking similar to what she received during her profile, but if she really wanted to be punished for stealing, that it was going to be a true punishment. It took her a little while to decide because she felt the profile spanking had hurt a lot. She finally told us that she wanted to be rid of her guilty feelings for stealing from her mom and she would submit to whatever punishment we felt was fair.
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