Cindy Calls Me Over Because

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Out of the blue I got a phonecall from Cindy asking me to come over and give her another spanking because she was feeling naughty. (she just felt like getting spanked I am sure :) I went over and Kaya was allready in the bedroom waiting. She was allowed to watch but not get horny. I put Cindy over the bed and gave her a short leather paddling. I decided, and wanted (and I knew this is what Cindy likes the most) to put her over my knee and give her a nice long stinging spanking. Offcourse Kaya got turned on watching Cindy get spanked so she got a few smacks with the leather paddle and a promise: I'll deal with you later! Well Cindy obviously couldn't wait because when I went down the stairs I could allready hear the hard smacks from Cindy's hand on Kaya's bare bottom and Kaya's cries of discomfort
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