The Buddy System

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Melanie and Monique have become friends and being female that means they go shopping together Now you must know where this is heading. Yes you are correct! They spent too much again so I decided on something new for them. The Buddy System That means that they must keep an eye on each other's spending and if one of them overspends, she will get punished but her buddy will get exactly the same. Not only will I punish them but the buddy will punish the other one first It worked but not before they were both soundly spanked a few times and the leather paddle and hairbrush was used on their bottoms Instead of posting them as seperate videos, I decided to make a little series out of them Enjoy! Melanie's first spanking Monique's first spanking Humiliation! In this video Melanie is humiliated as she is spanked by a far younger Monique over the knee and then both girls get a sound leather paddling and our dreaded punishment stool The Hairbrush for Monique In part four Melanie gets her revenge as Monique bought a pair of shoes she couldn't really afford. She take Monique over her knee and gives her a sound hairbrush spanking The Final Hairbrush Spankings In part five I take both of them over my knee and give them a hard taste of the hairbrush. That had the desired effect because their spending seems to have been curbed
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