Remedial Class Part 2/4

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Leia-Ann Woods Sascha Harvey Stephen Lewis Tawse Cane
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Leia and Sascha are not exceptional students, having been kept back for SIX YEARS! So instead of claiming Jobseekers Allowance, they still find themselves failing to learn their times tables! Education in this country has clearly met its match with these two. First fighting amongst themselves about spelling and who might be the brightest(!), somehow Sascha manages to tie Leia to the desk with a skipping rope before spanking her soundly. Of course the ever-exasperated tutor, Mr Lewis arrives at this point. Some severe retribution for Sascha is followed by the most rudimentary of maths tests, which both girls of course fail dismally, followed by some quite excetional caning of both girls - it seems to be the only one of Mr Lewis skills he can possibly exercise with these two!
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