Sss After The Party

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Amelia Jane Rutherford Niki Flynn James Jekyll Tawse
Number of photos: 30
Resolution: 1024 x 576
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The 76th film in our SSS series (Short Sharp Shock). Amelia Jane and Niki are two debutantes who have been at a coming out ball, and have been sent upstairs. They have been fighting over a man. Niki danced with him when EVERYONE knows that Ameila is going to get engaged to him next year. Actually, Niki did not know that, but they have been rivals since prep school and have made a huge scene in front of the assembled company. Lord Melrose is hosting the ball, and has been dispatched upstairs to punish them both. He has a fearsome reputation for doing just this so Niki and Amelia do exactly what he says.
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