Christmas Special! A Model Christmas Part 1/2

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Amelia Jane Rutherford Syra Garcia Hywel Phillips Strap
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A festive special from us features Amelia Jane and Syra as the most hideous glamour models ever. Having been hired to do a Christmas Calendar shoot for F U Magazine, the girls don't take direction from the photographer, instead competing and bitching about each other. It's the end of the year, the photographer has had his FILL of bitchy awful models for one year and this time, he loses his rag and teaches the girls a lesson! A huge welcome to Hywel, the incredibly lucky BDM (Boyfriend/Dom/Master) of Amelia Jane Rutherford! Though she's also incredibly lucky too because he's just SUPER. We love him so much, and had great fun working with him for the first time last week. So please do give him a warm welcome to our happy home :-)
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