Vagina Must Be Dry Or You Will Be Caned

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Helena Miss Woods
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Helena admits to Miss Wood that she masturbated twice yesterday. Miss Wood has made it clear that this is not allowed in her house, it is not the first time she has been spanked for this, and it means this time Helena will receive a damn good thrashing with her cane. Helena protests that everyone else says it's natural, but Miss Wood has strict old fashioned values and rules about what goes on in her home, and she is not swayed by the opinions of others. Helena is bent over and bared quickly. Miss Wood first spanks Helena with her hand, scolding her for her appalling behavior. When her bottom is pink, it's time for the cane, which is used repeatedly, striking Helena's bottom very hard until she can no longer think about masturbating due to the pain from her punishment. A very strict and severe lesson from a beautiful woman!
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