The Punishment Afternoon Part Five

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Sammie andStacey are in serious trouble members. They asked me ifthey could go to a Rave party in Rotterdam but I said no as those parties are full of drugs and alcohol. They disobeyedme and went anyway which warrants a sound punishment. I also gave themthe order to sit at their desks at home on their bare bottoms and write out 100 times: I must obey my disciplinarian. They didn't do them I remembered thesession I gave to Haley and Susan many years ago so I decided something similar was well deserved. I first madethem change into 2 very humiliating little girl punishment outfits and then they both got: * A sound OTK first spanking * Plenty of cornertime * Writing lines and a paddling * Sound strapping over the trestle * The punishment stool * Sound birching laying on the coffee table while writing lines * The heavy leather paddle * A sound OTK hairbrush spanking to finish the afternoon Their FirstSpankings Writing Lines A Strapping AndThe Punishment Stool A Bare BottomBirching And Cornertime The HeavyLeather Paddle And The Hairbrush
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