Michelle Gets An Otk Paddling For Being Late For Dinner Michelle Gets Another Spanking For Being Obstinate In The Restaurant

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We all decidedto go out for dinner but we had to wait for Michelle. The little minxshowed up one hour late with the explanation that she saw some nice clothes and went shopping while we waited for her. Well I greetedher at the door, told her that she was to be spanked, took her upstairs, put her across my knee and, while everyone downstairs listended, I spanked her soundly with my leather paddle. Then we went todinner. p.s. This wasnot the only spanking she got that day because during dinner she was rather rude and when we returned home, she went across my knee again for another sound hand spanking!. As you have readabove when we were at the restaurant Michelle refused to sit, she was childish about it and just plain obstinate! Well, as soon aswe were home, I took her upstairs and she went straight across my knee again for a second spanking! (I have had afew email requests to make the cornertime a little longer in the videos so this one is a bit longer)
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