Painfull Sleepover Part Five

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A few days ago Kelly and I spent a day In Amsterdam with Dara and Julie and we took a bus in Amsterdam as parking there is murder. We all had seats but then an old feeble lady got on the bus and Dara and Julie didn't offer their seats to her which to me is bad manners. When we got home they were both told to bend over the coffee table and I got some pens and paper and they had to write 50 times: "I must respect my elders" While they were writing I tanned their bottoms soundly with my leather strap to teach them a valuable lesson. After the strapping it started snowing heavily with the result that their train was cancelled and it was too dangerous to drive so they had to spend the night which turned out very painfull for their bottoms. Enjoy this 5 part special video In part two both girls are sent to bed after a movie at 10 PM because we had to get up very early. I was soon hearing noices coming from upstairs and when I went up, I caught both of them having a pillow fight! I took them downstairs and while I had Dara kneel on a stool against the wall with her bottom bare, I put Julie over my knee and gave her a good spanking! In part t hree Julie was put on her knees on the stool and it was Dara's turn to have her bottom smacked. I put the little madam over my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I sent both girls straight back to bed with very red and sore bottoms In part four I wake up the next morning and I find both girls sitting behind the computer playing a game without asking! I fetch my leather paddle and the carpet beater and put Julie over my knee for a good paddling. Then I make her bend over the back of the chair, on tiptoes, and I give her a good thrashing with the carpet beater. In the last part 5 it is Dara's turn to go across the knee for a sound leather paddling. Then she also had to bend over the back of the chair, on tiptoes and her bottom felt the sting of the carpetbeater. After a last scolding the girls were sent up to change and I made us some coffee.
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