Lucy Gets A Sound Spanking For Not Going To Bed On Time

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When I phoned young Lucy again late at night it was apparent that the little minx was not in bed but in a pub having fun with friends. Well she knew what was coming and as soon as she was in the door, she was squirming over my knee getting a sound spanking! Afterwards in the corner, hands on her head and her sore red bottom on display. p.s. This spanking took place a while ago but i didn't upload it due to the poor lighting in the jeans part. However, a few members mailed me asking for more Lucy so I am uploading this video. You might wonder why she is squirming so much but that is because she was close to her period and, as some of you will know, when a girl is close to her period, spankings hurt much more. The spanking is therefore shorter then usual but as you can see, she really felt it though
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