Julie Gets A Sound Strapping For Getting Another Piercing Without Permission Simpa Gets A Sound Otk Strapping For Taking A Sample Lipstick From A Store

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In the lastvideo with the terribletwo's you saw them both paddled for fighting with each other. Now it was time to get to the real reasons they were ordered to report to us. One of our loyalmembers Papa G noticed in one of the recent videos that Julie had another piercing compared to an earlier video so I confronted her with it. She couldn'tdeny it so she was put over our desk and she felt our strap across her tight pants while Simpa was sent to the corner, hands on her head, bottom bare. The naughty minxwould not keep still so I fetched a chair, told her to bare her bottom, get across my left knee, and I gave her a good OTK strapping with good fast smacks which had the desired effect. When littleSimpa was in a store she saw one of those sample lipsticks and put it in her purse. She didn't take a new lipstick which saved her bottom from the paddle or cane but she got a good, over my left knee, bare bottom strapping. I decided togive her a strapping as a father might give her. Faster smacks, no nonsense, over quickly. As you can see by her genuine tears, this had the desired effect. This howevermade the video shorter then normal but I am sure you will enjoy watching it p.s. In herdistress after the strapping she unknowlingly invented a new word: parentsment. A punishment given in loco parentis as it were :)
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