Lucy Gets Spanked For Not Going To The Library As She Was Told

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At the end ofLucy's last video I told her to go to the library and study. But a littlebird told me (and I don't mean Kelly) that I should phone a few hours later to checkup on her. Good thing I didbecause by the sound over the phone she was clearly enjoying herself on some terrace instead of having her nose in the books. I ordered her tocome over straight away and, as soon as she was in the door, I took her under my left arm and spanked her. That is a verydifficult position so I took her over to the couch, turned her over my knee, and despite her tearfull protests and pleading, spanked her barebottom good and proper. Afterwards shespent 30 minutes on one of our punishment stools and was sent straight to the library.
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