Julie Punished For Not Giving Up Her Seat And Fighting

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Our Julie has been naughty and bad mannered again dear members. When she was on a tram in Amsterdam, an old lady walked in and Julie did not get up and offer her seat to her. And later she got into a verbal fight with some girl on Amsterdam Central station and swearwords were flying all over the place. This is not how I brought her up! :) I told her to come over and I gave her a sound spanking. Then I decided a spot of humiliation was needed so I gave her a second spanking in the wheelbarrow position (A first for me) In between I made her sit on the dreaded punishment stool and I finshed off with a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddle, the carpetbeater and a good stinging caning! Unfortunately Ihad no one available to be cameraman on that day so there is no gallery for these videos
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