Yasmine Gets Soundly Punished For Failing Two Exams

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Little Yasmine was very nervous when she informed me that her exam results were out and she got a C- and a D- on two exams. She was told to come here and I decided to give her a memorable punishment. She deserved every smack because I know she can do well. She is a very bright girl. I improvised a quick punishment outfit including our dreaded punishment panties and scolded her. Then I started off by giving her a hard OTK spanking which had her in tears, followed by 30 minutes kneeling in the corner. Then I told her to kneel on our coffee table and put her results under her nose. Then I gave her a good leather paddling followed by a good birching. Then I put her across My knee again and gave her the birch again followed by the hairbrush. She was crying real tears by this time so I decided to finish off her punishment by putting her on our punishment stool for a full hour. Let's hope she does better next time dear members. This session is split in 2 videos as it was quite long
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