Julie And Simpa Get A Special Paddling For Fighting With Each Other

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The terrible duohad seriously misbehaved again so they were ordered to come at once but when they arrived I noticed they were mad at each other becausethey were fighting over a silly piece of clothing of all things! Well before Ipunished them for the transgressions they came for, I decided a special paddling was in order. I told them touse the small wooden paddle on each other but if the spank was not hard enough, I would give the spanker a proper smack. None of thespanks they gave was hard enough so they ended up with pretty sore bottoms and simpa was in tears afterwards. But my ideaworked and they agreed they could not hurt each other because they are like sisters and they love each other so they hugged and all was forgiven. Untill theirbottoms got the spankings they came for that is...
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