Sofia Gets A Double Punishment For Slacking Off At Work

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Steve called meagain and informed me that Sofia was really slacking off at work. She did not sendout any invoices with the result that the money was not coming in. Then the littlemadam forgot to send the VAT to the IRS with the result that they got a fine. I dediced thisslacking off deserves a two part punishment. For the invoicesI made her bend over and I gave her allready bare bottom ,because the little minx was not wearing panties again, a good stinging spanking with our dreaded stinger which you will see bought tears to her eyes. Then some timein the corner and then I made her grab her ankles and her allready sore bare bottom felt our big wooden paddle explode across it. 10 hard whacksfor forgetting to give their VAT to the IRS and they got a fine. Let's hope THATwill teach her to do better at work!
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