Spank Me!

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Spanking is notall strict discipline and can be a big turn on as you will see in this session Scarlett andJolene dropped by for a coffee and little did I know what these naughty minxes had in store for me. I needed to goto the bathroom first and when I went up to the office, the girls were nowhere to be found. I looked aroundour building, calling them, but nothing and then I heard: Oh Sir, Sir! coming from my office. When I entered Iwas confronted by two bare bottoms on which they had witten: SPANK ME! Quite obviousthat they were in the mood for a spanking and I gave it to them. After I spankedthem while bending over, I put each of them across my knee and continued. Both girls gotvery turned on and were both very wet. This will answerthe question some members asked me if the girls like getting spanked. Some cetainly do :)
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