Kim Gets An Otk Leather Paddling For Oversleeping And Not Going To Work

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It is allwaysimportant after the first spanking to see if it has any effect on the girl's behaviour so, the day after Kim's first spanking, I called her at8.30 in the morning to see if she was up and getting ready for work. Suprise suprise!The little minx was still fast asleep! Well I orderedher to get her bottom here el pronto and when she got here, I had her lift up her skirt and pull down her panties while i scolded her. Then I put thelazy little minx over My knee and gave her allready bare bottom a good leather paddling. Afterwards Isent her straight to work where she sat on a sore bottom all day she later told me. Suffice to sayshe has been at work on time since then so the paddling worked!
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