Naughty Sofia Is Back And She Gets Her First Spanking In A Long Time

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It has been a long time but Sofia is back! with a new look as you can see She had some real life problems to sort out but she now is single again and having her own appartment. She misses the discipline in her life again so she phoned us and offcourse we agreed to take her in hand again. I went over to give her her first spanking and surprise surprise when I took her pants down, she was not wearing any panties! Still as naughty as ever. I gave her a good spanking which she really felt and put her in the corner for a while. Afterwards she said she loved it though and it felt great to be corrected again as she put it. You will be seeing a lot of her in the near future I am sure p.s. Do keep in mind that she hasn't been spanked in a long time so I did go a bit easy on her. Did anyone see this spanking through the window? Yes I am sure but that really excited Sofia  :)
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