Bare Bottom Paddling

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Rachel Young
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20 licks with a smarting leather paddle on her high, tight bubble-butt - BARE! Rachel Young, a pert blonde beauty , is long overdue for more exposure at Firm Hand. In our latest video, this petite miss is back in the Principal's office for smoking. A strict school for girls takes a dim view of cigarettes, and Rachel has already received a spanking for it, despite being a senior. Now it's time for more serious measures, as she is instructed to place her hands on a low stool and bend over. The Principal loses no time in flipping up the short plaid skirt, exposing white cotton panties . But they too must be removed, to flutter like a flag of surrender down her firm thighs! The stinging leather paddle is applied twenty times to her bare posterior , still glowing from yesterday's spanking for the same offense! But will this be enough to cure Rachel of the demon tobacco? Only time will tell - and her bare bottom will no doubt pay a high price for further infractions.
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