Paddled On Panties

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Amy Denison
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She's tall, she's elegant, and she's oh-so-spankable with that jutting, athletic butt . Time for Amy Denison to bend over in high-cut lacy panties for a smarting leather paddle to be applied to her rear-end. "I was surprised how much it stung, but when I saw the video I realised he was taking a big swing with the paddle to make sure it stung more!" Amy says. The look of surprise is all over her face, as the paddling is shown non-stop from both rear and front views. The swats are fast , too, with barely a pause for breath in between each sharp crack of leather on butt-cheek . Ten swats worked fine for Amy: "It's amazing how much the sting builds up if they don't give my bottom time to recover," she says, "it's always worse when he paddles fast like that." Evidence of the stinging effect is provided by the fact that Amy, usually a stalwart "under fire", jumps up on her toes at almost every swat.
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