Sorority Paddling

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Angel Long
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It's time to pay the price at a top sorority, with two blondes whupping ass! Nadine Foxley has the task of disciplining pledge Angel Long - and has a large wooden paddle to do the job right! Angel is taller than Nadine, but not when she's bent over , hands stretched out to hold the edge of the desk, or bent down to grab her ankles! Nadine herself is a hot sight, as she is bare-breasted throughout the proceedings. Perhaps it's part of the ritual at this sorority house, but who's complaining! Nadine grabs Angel's jeans at the waist and hitches them up tight to show the outline of those tender buttocks . And Angel does present a nice target, as Nadine hitches up her T-shirt until her breasts pop into view too. The board swings up and back to crack loudly across Angel's buttocks, making her jump so much that Nadine has her bend down and grab her ankles for the remaining swats!
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