Nude Strapping

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Samantha Woodley
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What a treat in store for fans of America's #1 spanking model , Samantha Woodley, as she is strapped NUDE , hands up against the wall. The two-tailed tawse goes to work on her toned buns for 16-full-blodded strokes . You can also enjoy her bouncing breasts in the Reaction Cam, showing the action from a totally different - and totally captivating! - view. Who cares why she's being punished, when the action is so convincing and the sight so breathtaking . The scenario is a college sorority. Sam has forgotten her role as designated driver, and let down her sisters. Why it's down to the Dean to discipline her is anyone's guess, but he clearly doesn't object to the job! The crack of leather on exposed flesh rings round the sorority house as Samantha pays the price of her forgetfulness.
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