Bare Bottom Caning

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Shannon Carson
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Members concerned that the influx of new talent means the end of content with established favorites such as Amy Denison, Shannon Carson and Natasha Peachey need worry no more. They're all still shooting for Firm Hand, and there's plenty more excitement in store! To prove it, Shannon Carson is back with an epic five-minute video featuring a 12-stroke bare bottom caning which has her kicking, grimacing and yelping . "It was the first caning I shot for my Collection," Shannon told us. "I'd been caned before for feature videos, but it was different for the Collection as I was solo and it felt harder! " The instant welts on her butt cheeks bear testament to the reality of the cane's impacts . Looks like that perfect lip gloss could get smudged as she struggles to handle the sting of the rod, and is that a hint of tears we see?
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