Bare Bottom Paddling

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Lauren Mitchell
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Arguably the cutest of Firm Hands models, 19-year-old Lauren Mitchells high, tight, athletes ass has taken its share of lickings. Now, the bratty blonde is in trouble after getting a speeding ticket. And her bottom is about to pay the penalty! She talks direct to the camera before and after her punishment is administered, which makes the video an intimate experience. That short white skirt has to come off, baring Laurens smooth buns for some smarting smacks with a large leather paddle. Shes been punished like this beforeso the penalty is increased to 20 swats. The director has clearly told Lauren to look directly into the lens of the camera focused on her face, adding a personal dimension to the spectacle! Her clear blue eyes flinch, mouth gasping open at the sting of the paddle, as she calls off the swats. Despite her best efforts, Lauren admits that this paddling got to her! Lauren says: I had been spanked before when we shot that sequence, so I was already sore. For some reason, that paddle stung more than I expected. It really made me jump when he smacked me. I was very aware of the camera right on my face when I reacted! Ouch! No acting required!
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