Bare Bottom Paddling

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Shannon Carson
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Shannon Carsons Attitude adjustment builds to its epic finale this week with an eye-watering, butt-rippling ten swats in the Principals office. Last week, Shannon took five licks, panties down. But after sassing the Principal and suggesting hes enjoying spanking her (as if!) he doubles the dose with the board all on her bare buttocks! And what a bottom Shannons presents for our enjoyment! Soft, round, smooth, generously contoured, it positively explodes with each fleshy impact. The positioning of the cameras is such that each impact shows how her buttocks flatten dramatically before bouncing and rippling as they absorb the energy of that hard wooden board. Simply amazing! Shannons facial reactions are no less impressive as the intense sting of unyielding wood on bare buttocks sends a message to those nerve endings loud enough to have her jumping up. The action continues with a skilfully edited slow-motion replay, showing in incredible detail each impact on Shannons bare cheeks. Will Shannons attitude adjustment achieve success? Only time will tell but her bottom is red and bruised as a result of her wilfulness! Check out her brief interview after the paddling: did the board do its job?
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