Bare Bottom Strapping

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Rachel Young
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Yummy Rachel Young has a bubble-butt which epitomises pert! Round, juicy, and gloriously red after 16 strokes of a leather strap, it bounces deliciously! Rachel is a petite, cute blonde who turned heads in the restaurant during the shoot's lunch break. "What they didn't know was that I was nursing a real sore butt under my denim skirt, after a morning of corporal punishment!" Rachel laughs. "And that I was going to get more whackings after lunch!" Rachel has taken $150 from her uncle's wallet to buy a new handbag. Being his daughter's best friend doesn't excuse the theft, which she thinks she can pay off. She pretends to be shocked when he tells her she is going to be strapped. She's already padded her jeans! But the ruse is discovered, and jeans and two pairs of panties are pulled down to make the punishment work properly. There are extra treats in store with slow-motion instant replays, which show just how much those cheeks jiggle from the strap!
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