Hairbrushed & Paddled Bare

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Rosaleen Young
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Rosaleen knows she should be doing school work, but gossiping about boys to a friend on her cellphone is far more interesting - until her father bursts into the room. When he snatches the phone and tells her friend that Rosaleen can't talk any more as she's going to be spanked, she realizes with horror that all her schoolfriends will know tomorrow Leaning against a basin in her bedroom, Rosaleen is first spanked with a hairbrush, until he decides that a bare bottom paddling may be more effective. Silky PJs pulled down to bare her Perfect-10 globes, he proceeds to smack those quivering cheeks a glowing red, despite her protests! After the embarrassment of a spanking, "I'm 18!" she protests, poor Rosaleen has to cool off her bottom with cold water, caught on video in intimate detail.
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