Bare Bottom Spanking

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Daphne Rosen
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Tardiness is not tolerated in the office. When her boss tells Daphne that he is docking her pay for frequent tardiness, another option has to be found. So the busty blonde secretary finds herself lying over her bosss knee, skirt hitched up, to be spanked! Do you have to spank me so hard? she protests, as his palm sets her cheeks on fire. The idea is for you to learn a lesson, is his reasonable response. How are you going to learn a lesson if I dont spank you hard? Back over she goes! But to increase the severity of the spanking, her boss decides to have her bend over his desk. The view is a glorious one, as her panties are pulled unceremoniously down and her bare bottom is soundly spanked until it is a deep, angry red. No amount of protesting will stop him administering that punishment, as Daphne swiftly discovers!
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