Bare Bottom Spanking

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Nadine Foxley
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Nadine Foxley is a pretty blonde with attitude. She tempts fate at her strict private school by wearing non-regulation shoes and rolling up her skirt to make it shorter. It's not long before she reaps her Principal's reward for dress code - a butt-stinging spanking over her knee! A firm lecture is delivered as Nadine stands nervously in front of the Principal's desk, before she is pulled unceremoniously over her lap. Short - oh, too short! - red plaid skirt lifted and white cotton panties pulled down to mid-thigh, her creamy-smooth buttocks are bared for punishment. Firm legs stretched out the length of the sofa, knee-high white socks leading down to those ill-judged platform heels, Nadine's bottom pays the penalty for her stupidity in testing the rules. The Principal does not go easy on this pretty brat, as Nadine resorts to stuffing her school tie into her mouth to stop crying out. This is one beauty who clearly benefits from a sound spanking!
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