Bare Bottom Paddling

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Amy Denison Firm Hand Spanking
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Resolution: 624 x 477
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Amy Denison, voted one of our top models, is in trouble at work. Despite protests, her boss insists that she must take full responsibility for poor work in her office - and that means accepting 20 swats with a leather paddle. As the six-feet-tall stunner bends over and puts her hands on a glass table, her boss lifts her dress ands paddles those bare globes red. It was only going to be ten, but Amy says she doesn't deserve the paddling and accuses him of "getting off or something". Her boss takes exception and orders her to bend over and grab her ankles for a doubling of the punishment - bottom bare! The elegance of Amy as she assumes the position is a real treat to the eye! Watch out for the slow-motion replays as she jerks from each swat, long legs perfectly straight, and feet together. Plus there's the added bonus of out-takes which show the moment when Amy's dress comes adrift at the top and she almost shows more than she intended!
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