The Cindy And Kaya Interview And Kaya's First Spanking

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We were simplydelighted when these two darlings contacted us. Cindy (26) andKaya (28) have had a spanking relationship for 2 years now. Cindy spanksKaya when Kaya is naughty which she frequently is. Cindy feels thatKaya needs a man's hand occasionally so she contacted us after seeing our website. Cindy willoffcourse also spank Kaya on the website but I took her across my knee for her first spanking on the site. Cindy told methat Kaya sometimes gets incredibelly turned on while getting spanked. Did Kaya getturned on during her first spanking?. Look at the video and you decide You will beseeing a lot of them in the future Make them feelwelcome guys and gals!
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